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Chanel bronzing base – Soleil Tan De Chanel

The promise of the manufacturer and product description :

Effect Brushes sun :

by itself: gold , silky complexion radiant ,

in connection with foundation : strengthens its color to light- tan effect

Technical characteristics :

  • Creamy texture gel powders gently merge with the skin : gelling agent
  • Easy to apply , glide and stability : Consistency: mineral waxes
  • Silkiness and softness : volatile silicones and silicone oil
  • The effect of mating and delicate texture : powders of silicon , silicon and mineral

Apply on face spot , gradually spreading all over his face from the inside out , alone or in combination with primer

Pros Chanel :

The velvety finish of this light cream-gel bronzer leaves your skin with a beautiful sun-kissed look. Wear it on its own to enhance your complexion, or for a hint of outdoors radiance, over or under your favorite CHANEL Foundation.



Glass , clear jar with black cap , having a gold Chanel logo on the middle – Very simple and classic , as befits Chanel  

Easy access to the product and in the final stage should not be a major problem to consume the product „till the last drop ”

In addition, Chanel decided to give the cap that can be removed easily because it has a specially shaped opening . The cap is designed to protect the product inter alia against moisture. Thanks to that , the product is more stable for longer.


This base has the consistency of mousse



For me, well proven Beautyblender sponge . I had full control over how much and where I apply a base, and a very intense color I want to get + at once perfectly composed with my foundation .

Application this product by brush or finger I would leave it for professionals


For the first time in my life when I sat down in front of Photoshop to smooth the skin on my face, I did not have to ! As the saying goes : the 3D effect in pure form !

My face was very natural highlighted , we have obtained this result by the fact that the base gently shimmers , making it look like our skin without dulling effect that inevitably accompanies us with applications bronzing powders ; ]


155.95zł ($48.00) per pack of 30g .

( My pack is a tester -15g , so it looks a little different)

Someone could write EXPRENSIVE! Yes, to spend more than 150zl once on a single product for makeup can cause small voids in our wallet

However, looking at the efficiency of the product, it will serve you for a good couple of years! (With SMART application) So I think that the price for the product is not prohibitive + is worth it!


What can I write about this bronzing base …

Is sensational ! !

In particular, during the summer , or if you add the light tan / gently highlighted. Base looks very natural on the face . For delicate darker , apply a base for foundation, if you want a more powerful effect – we put the application fluid . Simple is not it ?

I must admit that I have not been so pleasantly surprised by the makeup product.

Surely as soon as I touch the empty bottom of the jar , the packaging of this product will settle in the place of the old one! <3


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