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You can stamp your feet , cry , scream loud … it still will not bring us summer  back this year … this time in Poland passed for good. We can break down , or to approach this more optimistic and enjoy the new fashion season which allows us to play with layers ! Autumn … would say it was like saying ” Beautiful , gold, Polish autumn ” <3 Amazing scenes in parks, gardens … wonderful light at sunset … and so many possibilities in the choice of clothing.

For me, an essential element of autumn are definitely boots <3 This year I have a plan to throw a stylish hat to my outfits as well <3

But back to our topic :


Blue color (# 19247C , 25, 36, 124) , brighter than navy , but darker than royal blue . Although this season, the designers did different shades of this colour  

With what to wear?

With all the colors that will become the base for it. Beautifully it clears the background neutral colors ( black , gray , brown , beige ) or , on the contrary , putting everything on the color block- making ” from head to toe ” Blue color in different shades. There is also an option for bolder , combining it with an equally intense color : such as: yellow, mustard yellow , pink, red < – all the colors of the ” pure version ” <3

How to wear ?

You can wear it as a typical trend in fabrics , or put on a more subtle accentuation of the trend only in the accessories. ( Bags , shoes, scarves , hat , nails, tights , etc. . )

For who is suitable ?

Good news ! Cobalt is the color matching for every type of beauty ! Do not feel confident in this color? Accentuate your bottom part in this trend! By choosing neutral colors for the face!

Below INSPIRATION from the catwalks of leading designers ! The cobalt colour clothes , accessories and styling ideas – colors that are great  to our main color <3