PL-wersjaExceptional post in front of you. If you just planned to say „YES” to beloved person, I hope that this post will be an inspiration for you. If you are already „after” I will definitely refresh the memories of that day and the long process of preparation by this post. Cup of hot coffee in your hand? Lats begin!
I know Joanna from almost 10 years. However, this was our first meeting after more than 8 years. I get this message from Joanna, month before her wedding : „I have sewn wedding dress which I totally do not like and I do not look at it well. I have time until Thursday, and I need advice. „It was a Tuesday, next day I arranged meeting with Joanna, to explore more detail of this topic Back then Joanna was 3 months old mom and she wanted to avoid the typical maternity dresses, which she received by the misunderstanding with a dressmaker. I realized what the problem is, when she sent me a photo of a first measure of the dress:

As you can see, Joanna has an impressive bust. Corset and high cut-off at the waist, highlight him even more. Future Bride wanted to  less visible bust, and perfect body proportions for a whole silhouette. Joanna didn’t have the concept of how to convert the upper part of the dress that was her dream wedding creation, but she knew exactly how he wants to look down part of her dress. That day we talked for over three hours. Joanna’s major focus was to have Wedding dress in Vintage style dress with large slit, emphasizing her shapely legs. After a long conversation and analysis, I could calmly go home and after a big brainstorming and guidance from the Joanna, start looking for the perfect dress processing solutions. I spent the next hour in front of computer, looking for inspiration which I could use. Joanna is a person who likes to have shown everything in black and white. Therefore, armed with pictures of individual elements of the dress, the next day I went to the meeting. It was a Thursday, a visit day to the dressmaker. To give Joanna some time to make decision what he wants to do next, we met earlier and I presented my concept and ideas that I have prepared for her. My help was not limited to help only with reworking wedding dress, but also steered Joanna on choosing the right hairstyle, makeup, nail, jewelry, lingerie and tren- to which Joanna was not entirely convinced

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Luckily for me (;P) ideas presented by me, have been approved by Joanna- ufff… Together we chose the individual elements of dress and go through, a strategy for action 'and then we went to the dressmaker. On-site re-tried on the dress Joanna and I, introduced our vision to the dressmaker.
We give up corset (Stiffening only baleen on a double layer of material)
We changed the shape of the neckline (Letter, V ’
Removed sleeves
Lengthen waist line
Covered back (Crown) + add row of buttons
Removed one layer of georgette chiffon dress from the bottom
Add long slit
Add decoration (shoulder and waist) (short sleeve and delicate lace trim at the waist to make the transition was the most subtle)
I suggested Joanna to go home and go sleep with a new concept. Stress and doing things in a hurry never help in making the right decision, especially since it was the last call for processing! Dressmaker knew that if she does not call her the next day, it means that he has the green light to all processing. So it happened.
Another visit showed us a completely different dress, and Joanna face broke into a smile. It is true that lacked finishing details, but the general outline was already possible to visualize. You could not worry about the end result. After this visit, we were still trying on two of the latter was also a reception dress on three days before the wedding.
Our next and also the last meeting before the wedding took place on the wedding day. Joanna also decided to make-up done by me, so that I could accompany her on this special day, and help to prepare. Make-up we decided to keep the vintage style, so choosing the right colors shadow of her beauty, and wedding styling, we choose powdery pinks and browns colours. Joanna’s eyes were opened, and the skin got extra glow that every bride should have on this day! After that, I could see the confidence and happiness that were depicted on her face the whole time! <3

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Effect before and after
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Joanna, thank you for the confidence you gave me, and for the pleasantly spent hours together.
You looked stunning and that I wish you forever and a day!
As long as your love will grow stronger, so long will it be seen on your face! <3