Every country has its customs. Every the person has a different taste. Every family has different requirements. It is no different in the case of the wedding preparations and the image of the bride. Preparations planned with the greatest care begins for many months and often years before the ceremony. Every detail is meticulously selected to create a coherent whole. Much of all this I think should be the bride and common taste of the intending spouses. All their image should be consistent. Brides choosing classic dress can go crazy with details and nails. Those of you who „Say Yes to the Dress” in a version for rich, be careful not to overdo it! Nails are no less important as the choice of wedding bouquet or shoes. Your hands will be „in the spotlight” photographic a lot! It does not care about in particular. Different treatments will make your skin will be soft and delicate and properly groomed skin around the nail, they highlight their beautiful shape and lengthen the nail creating a visually more slender fingers.


Wedding season ahead of us, and what prevails in the trends mani? You can not afford both the classics in the form of beige / rose and white and color emphasis on the flagship at your wedding. Still reigns ombre! Patterns both on all or only on the ring finger. Through subtle additions zircon, nails or other 3D decorations at the base of the plate, the decorations around the nail. Beauty salons offer various prints on nails including even their own designs or photos. Just upload to a special printer nail and enjoy personalized nails. For strong personality, bright colors should not be limiting. Black nails are increasingly being chosen by the PM in this important day.


First of all, should be matched to the nail plate and only secondarily trends. Although in the US by storm returned square nails, with us still PM opt for more subtle options in the form of tonsillitis. Personally, I think this is the best choice, because the classics never go out of fashion and you’re 10 years watching pictures of the oath will not ask themselves the question „why?”

Sending lots of hugs : *

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