The end of the year is always the time of conclusions. In our life, politics life & in fashion too!
Today I wand to do some ranking of top 5 MUST GONE trends!
Down below you can vote, for the trend which you didn’t like the most.


A kitten heel is a short, slender heel, usually from 3.5 centimeters (1.5 inches) to 4.75 centimeters (1.75 inches) high with a slight curve setting the heel in from the edge of the shoe.

This type of heel was very popular in 1950. The style was popularized by Audrey Hepburn (Tiffany’s breakfast movie). The shoes was designed and handmade by Salvatore Ferragamo. In 1960 they come back to fashion world with long spike front of the shoe. In 1997 Kate Moss was wearing them in Cannes, and in 2013  Louis Vuitton bring them back to life. I have only one question: WHY???!


Those „heels” are not doing ANYTHING GOOD TO THE FEET!
Those shoes makes your feet look 5 sizes bigger then they really are! Which woman wants that? Please, let me know, because I don’t know ANY woman who would like that.
I mean… if you want to wear heels, go for real, high heels. If you want to wear flats, wear FLATS! And never, NEVER wear shoes which makes your feet looks bigger/longer  then they really are. There is no trend on this world, which will be so awesome to recompense you „duck look” . Period.


The begining of this ” fashion trend” started 2 decades ago. Those boots come from the antipodes. They are made from sheepskin, stitch from two pieces, and glued to the sole. Geneses of word UGG have two different explanations: Ugg from word UGGLY, or Ugg from HUG? In early 1930 Blue Mountains Ugg company, was selling those boots, but it takes them a while before they start to selling boots outside Australia. 1978  Brian Smith opened his own company called UGG Australia, to export Ugg boots to America, and selling to the surfers stores. It wasn’t as successful as he thoughts, but it was successful enough for dickers Outdoor Corporations, which in 1995 bought UGG Australia  for $15mln! The real BOOM on Ugg boots started when Pamela Anderson put them on during the cut’s of Baywatch. Paparazzi was constantly follow her, and published her pictures in news papers. Paris Hilton also helped with popularization those shoes. In 2011 Ugg Australia began collaboration with Jimmy Choo. Classic and simple boots underwent a makeover, adding platforms, heels. thereby losing the characteristics of the original.


Those „cutes” are in fashion good couple years. They changed a bit design on the uppers by adding bow, button or roll- down design, but they are still not nice shoes to wear. They look comfy & warm, but during summer what for? It’s  SUMMER!!! IS WARM!!! During winter what for? Classic models are made from sheepskin, which do not guarantee that they are waterproof. Do you remember look of girl walking in those shoes? Kinda duck walk?  I’m sorry for all supporters of Ugg boots, but it will be really hard to convince me to like those Eskimo shoes. Let’s just send them back to Alaska  OK?



It all starts during II World War. British army during the war in  close East, discover local shoemaker, who make for them shoes on platform. Thanks to the natural, rubber sole, shoes protected feet from warm sand.
In 1949 George Cox started his production of creepers on natural rubber sole, thickened to a few centimeters, with a „tread pattern” sewn by the shell and lining. In UK teddy boys took over this trend, and since then creepers start to have a bad reputation. In 1971 Malcolm McLaren & Vivienne Westwood opened Let it Rock boutique, where they were selling original creepers. Since then, creepers slowly but contently try to back to trends. With stronger and wicker effect.


Esh…. what can I say?… Please tel me once again what is nice about them? They are heavy, ugly, and every one thanks to those shoes can look like EMO kid, or parent(even worst) 
They just look like weights glued to the bottom of shoe.  Makes you look funny, and unbalanced. Ok, they are give you couple more inches to your height, but they are not nice inches. 


80’s- time of breaking down the communist block in Easter Europe, and demolition of Berlin Wall ( Wall which completely cut off (by land) West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and from East Berlin). In 1981 Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in wedding dress with huge puffed sleeves, starting a new trend: 'meringue’ style. 80’s women taking on more prominent in business. 'Power suit’- a shoulder-padded suit with pencil skirt. Wasn’t boring at all, with all those bright and neon colours. Huge shoulder pads start to be popular by Linda Evans in the soap opera Dynasty. 'Power suit’ given women a new feeling of importance and authority in men’s dominated workplace.


Oh boy… here we go…. my beloved 80’s that’s when I was born, that’s where everything starts. Unfortunately oversized woman coats too..
Massive woman coats with big shoulder pads, and male straight cuts. They are meant to hide all woman curves, and create one big box (imitation of male chest). The shortest version of this coats start at the knee level, and the longest finish at the ankle. Most of them are two-row button, with big lapes. Today we don’t have to look like men to gets our bosses attention, today we are using our feminine nature, to show our strength and determination.   
I see all bloggers wearing those boots. Why? Probably because they get them for free? It’s nothing wrong about it, unless you like it because the design, not because it’s CHANELLL… !!! No, no, no… I just want to scream!!! They cover your  ankle, which was in 60’s and still is a sexual thing. Makes your calf look massive, and unattractive. Thick heel highlights heaviness of those boots even more.  Sorry Karl, i don’t like it, but I absolutely adore this new Chanel Boy Flap Bag With Chains Details <3
That’s TOP 5 MUST GONE TRENDS of 2013 by Fashion Solutions. What do you thing it’s the worst fashion invention of this ending year? Please vote!
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