Tartan each year is more or less present in the prevailing trends. I count among grille more classics than passing trends. Red-black checkered shirt always looks cool. Regardless of the sex that wears it Here in the starring sweater in black and white plaid on a par with the orange bag. This year, in the shops there is no shortage of gray and beige. Then break them down? Strong accent! Let it be a handbag, hat or gloves! In this combination instead of gaudy „Lewandowska jackets” certainly will look more stylish and original than pistachios colour with fake fur around your neck This year wearing layered styling took at my style level HARD L_O_V_E I_T !!! Firstly the clothes weared on the type of „onion” give me the desired heat. And secondly outfit look much more interesting! Wearing a broad / oversize coats remember about the proportions! If magnification upper part of the figure, keep your legs slim!!! Remember to exposed ankles. As the narrowest part of the legs, beautifully will slimmer them down. As additional inches boots as well! Otherwise, the whole look becomes too heavy and you will add some 22 unwanted lbs.

DSC_7685DSC_7699DSC_7728DSC_7814 DSC_7828 DSC_7863 DSC_7868

Knitted dress- Cubus

Cardigan- Reserved

Cardigan (Tartan)- Diverse

Bag- Reserved

Shoes- CCC