Hello my Beautiful readers!

This post can  MUST be used by those of you ladies, who don’t have any curves, or when emphasis between shoulders/ waist/ hips is not strong enought. Stand straight in front of the mirror and take a look at your body. You are an Round body shape if… You are a rectangular figure if…

  • Your bust, waist and hips are of similar measurement.
  • You have a straighter shoulder line.
  • Have quite a straight rib cage and a flat bottom!
  • Have very little waist definition

My advise when you are choosing your new clothes:

„Try to balance your body proportions: smaller waist, big boobs & hips!”


Tops & neck line

  • Wrap-around tops to emphasize bust and define waist.
  • Fitted, tailored shirts to give some shape and definition to waist, bust and hips
  • Feminine and fitted tops over a shapely bra, tapering at the waist

Dresses & skirts

  • Wrap-around dresses to emphasize bust and define waist.
  • Skirts that are „A” line or full to give shape.
  • bias-cut skirts that create curves.

Blazers/ Cardigans & Jackets/Coats

  • Gently tailored jackets that define the waist.


  • Round and curved shape accessories, scarves and belts.
  • Abstract, bolt and bright prints.
  • Clothes of mixed contrasting colours.
  • Colorful and beautiful jewellery to add individuality.

I hope this post was helpful for you, and enjoy your shopping! 

If you are not triangular figure, don’t worry! I will have some ideas for you very soon. STAY TUNED! 

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