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As a long-term fashion stylist and Makeup artist conquering education in these areas in Poland and abroad, I decided to start a blog to be able to hand on my knowledge to larger group of people. It all began exactly 21 November 2012, with the publication of the first post. Over time, in addition to knowledge and inspiration, I began to also publish the results of my work. My passion for fashion and make-up appeared in childhood. So from the beginning I had clearly defined the direction of my education. I remember dressing up in the mommy clothes, organizing fashion shows with sis and cousins, asking close aunts of cosmetics that they no longer have used. Today, my passion has become a way of my life that makes me happy and brings a lot of fun. As a stylist I work from 2009. Stylist proffesiom for me was so big priority, that for many years did not allow myself to my other passion, which, as it turned out, it does not collide with fashion, on the contrary! It is a beautiful complement. Therefore, since 2013. I broadened my activities also make up that is my passion (in practice ) for over 14 years! Began with the blue, pearl eye shadow and mascara in the same color It was my first bought color cosmetics. ? It is widely known that a man with passion for what he does, he does it wholeheartedly. So it happens during my meetings with clients. I wish that each of them was 100% satisfied with my services. I could not miss here my faithful readers who are with me every day. This blog is for me a form of knowledge transfer both fashion and beauty, also my idea of life. Today I know that the decision to start blogging to which matured two years, was the best that could be taken. It is thanks to the blog, and fans everywhere, I demand more of myself every day and I can confidently say- thanks to you, my development from article to article, from month to month, from year to year, moving in the direction which I not even dreamed some time ago . Here is my second home.

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