As the title suggests, I introduce to you my review of makeup brushes, make-up artist Magda Pieczonki. After seven months of use, I think it was a long enough time to present you the honest opinion. Same brushes elicit extreme emotions. Both positive and negative. When in June 2015 he started presale brushes internet uproar. Many people do not even have them in their hands, they commented negatively. I had the opportunity to see up close and touch during a make-up masterclass in April 2015, 2 months before moving presale.

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Brushes These pre-ordered at the beginning of June 2015. A month later, July 6, held shipping. I decided to buy 11 brushes, some of which the duplicate.

Here are the photos taken at quickly after receiving the package.



Simple, yet very solid, thoughtful and nice! For each brush has been provided with instructions for how to use and preserve / clean the brushes to have served as long as possible. There is also information about the 2 year warranty in case anything happened to the brushes during normal use.


Each brush has also been duly described in its primary application. Packaging can also be placed vertically, the manufacturer recommends that after washing brushes, put them in a package and put the bristles pointing downwards, to prevent deformation of the bristles. Personally definitely more comfortable for me the solution is to apply a reticulated casings after washing, than to play in the insertion and proper putting packages that are not so stable.



The first thing that made me extremely captivated them, was a combination of white and gold. (My favorite) Brushes look beautiful, elegant and are made with due diligence. When cleaning brushes using soft soap, residues imposed them before dry cosmetics, washed out without a problem. In the case of applying greasy products (foundation, concealer, mousse, lipstick, lip gloss, cream shade, etc.) Recommend the use of oil in the shower or oil / cooking oil. (Fat eliminates fat ). As you can see, brushes after a really high intensity usage look like new.



Prices range from 53 zł for a small / standard puppet to 141 zł for a large brush for the face and body type Kabuki. It is the prices, in particular for the puppets caused such a negative stir in the Internet. Once sold out the first batch of these brushes (even in advance), you could only buy each brush separately. Now is the opportunity to also buy brushes in three different sets: 3.7 and 13 brushes.


The shipment which has come to me, I got the same 3 or 4 vouchers at PLN 40 each for additional purchases at their store. Unfortunately, before the other party has emerged as available again in the shop, discount codes had already lost its validity (3 months) what I consider to be very not hit marketing activity. “I’ll give you a carrot, I’ll take you a carrot.” Brushes are only available in the online store www.lovenue.pl.



Magda decided to design 13 different brushes. Both the makeup of the eye, mouth and face.


The following will present you with close to 9 out of 13 available brushes.

BRUSH-puppet eye shadow No. 2


If you have trouble getting the intensity of the shadow on the eyelid, or obsypujący during application shadow ruin you previously applied foundation and concealer on her cheeks, try using just puppets! With gąbeczce shadow sticks to the applicator and then fixed to the lid.


DESCRIPTION: Universal puppet designed for professional grinding and application of shadows on the eyelids. The handy size and durable sponge makes it easier to perform everyday makeup both professionals and for beginners.

OPINION: Some make-up artists / make-up artists consider puppet for the past, which today no longer used. I’m sure that each of you had the applicator come once in his hand. They are frequent freebies attached to the purchased shadows. I remember my adventure with a puppet, before I started to think about make-up seriously. To wash a triangular sponge, its internal stiffening streamed to the stem, making the puppet unfit for disposal. Today, after XXXX washes since July 2015, still had a hand puppet exercises.


BRUSH-puppet-grinding SHADOW No. 4



DESCRIPTION: The enlarged puppet designed for professional grinding shadow on the eyelids tight covering. Particularly suitable for the type of smoky makeup smokey eye.

OPINION: Large, round version of previous puppets. I must admit this is the first this type of hand puppets I have. It turns out that its use as the manufacturer recommends is very useful.


BRUSH FOR eyeliner and eyebrows NR. 3



DESCRIPTION: Brush slanting designed to emphasize eyebrows and applying eyeliner. Professional cosmetic application facilitates bevel hair and distinctive architecture.

OPINION: Hmmm … I have my favorite brushes to both eyeliner and eyebrows, the above not one of them. As for my needs: too soft for eyebrows, too vague to eyeliner. I also think that there is a brush that behaves well and the eye and the eyebrows. One should be tough, the other softer and more flexible.





DESCRIPTION: Professional brush designed for application of lipstick. Its compact size and special shape allows not only to perform makeup mouth, but also the precise covering up minor imperfections.

OPINION: Approx. I like to also use it for eye makeup. Sharpen line under the eyebrow, or rozświetleniu the inner corner of the eye.





DESCRIPTION: Flat brush with rounded bristles range, perfect for contouring the face with liquid bronzer. With its distinctive design, easy to blend the bronzer complexion and add face more predatory character.

OPINION: LOVE !!! Great for wet contouring!





DESCRIPTION: A handy brush to apply powder and radiance of the skin. Made of synthetic hair, fluffy head, allows precise application of cosmetic and achieve the effect of natural freshness.

OPINION: Very good exercises to make your face as suggested by the manufacturer. In particular, applying bronzer, blush, rozświetlacza and przypudrowaniu illuminated part of the face below the eyes, the center of the forehead, nose and chin. There używałabym this brush to powder all over your face, it is too small for what would consume too much time. And where else contouring dry!


BRUSH FOR blush and bronzer No. 10


DESCRIPTION: Fluffy brush with a rounded and chamfered head, designed to apply blush and bronzer. The density of the bristles and brush proportions guarantee the professional way to impose a cosmetic without any streaks.
OPINION: FAIL! Brush is too large volume and too dense to nicely and precisely apply bronzer or pink in the data parts of the face without streaks and covering half of the face. In writing this review I ran even with the idea of trying it for the imposition of an equalizer in the central part of the face. But I’m afraid, that the application of the product in such sensitive areas as the place under the eyes / cheeks will not cause pleasure. definitely a brush that I use the least likely.




DESCRIPTION: Brush flat top with a beveled head, designed for applying liquid foundation how and mineral bases. His thick and soft to the touch bristles allow you to make a perfect make-up without mask effect.
OPINION: Can you believe that a period of several months, I swapped my beloved BB’s on the brush ?! The BB started to bother me dirty hands after application of primer. (Maniac ) Before my experience with the application of primer by brush limited to not very successful application of a flat brush to the base, which looks like a larger version of the brush for eye-type cat flap. Leave streaks / lines on the face which did not suit me very much. The more I was positively surprised by the result of the application by brush truncated diagonally laser. Thanks to its size, the undercoat is applied quickly and accurately. You can control the opacity of the base depending on the desired effect. If you do not acknowledge gąbeczek type Beautyblender to applying primer, this brush is for you! The only drawback that I saw this gentle when washing hair loss. With no other brush embarrassing not only to the primer. This happened over a period of about 1-2 months, then stopped. If you still bristles to embarrassing, certainly I would give it to the complaints. While that is fine





DESCRIPTION: Brush with a rounded head for professional application of bronzer and face powder. Brush Size and fluffy bristles allows an application appropriate amount of cosmetic and economies elegant finish.

EVALUATION: Definitely my most frequently used a brush to the face. Thanks to its size, only three moves to powder my whole face. Customers are also often appreciate its softness and pleasure during powdering her face. I’m not sure if użyłabym it to the application of bronzer. Only in the summer, if I depend on the browning entire face (touch the sun) and not just selected parts as during contouring.




If you like me, do you do professionally visage seems to me that very well realize the important thing is to have brushes respectively soft and very good quality. For you will be a very good investment. However, if you are looking for brushes for personal use, the price can be quite overwhelming for you. However, if you want to have brushes that will serve you for years and to look also has great significance for you, you may want to think about buying one of the more expensive brushes available on the Polish market. But how beautifully presenting on your dresser?


Most recently, the sale also hit the black brushes with gold-plated ferrules Maxineczki- M to Maxineczka that are available in the shop Mintia shop. Prices have proven to be even more staggering! However, the author herself praised them, saying that more soft brushes on the Polish market, we do not find. You can buy 7 different types of brushes. I must confess frankly that I would love to be compared precisely with the above-reviewed brushes Magda Pieczonki. Unfortunately, today the purchase did not foresee.

If you want me to made a comparison of brushes Lovenue vs. Zoeva let me know! I compare them both affordable, difference bristles, thickness, size and quality!


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